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Researching neighborhoods with Google Street View

Researchers are beginning to recognize the value of Google Street View for capturing information about neighborhoods. Candice Odgers‘ research team is among the few who have begun to channel the power of this tool to paint a richer picture of the context in which children grow up. For the full story in The Wall Street […]

Grandma Helping With The Baby: Dream Or Nightmare?

“Most mothers with a new baby might welcome all the help they can get. But new research suggests that having grandparents help out is worsening the baby blues for some moms.” Researcher Joy Piontak talks to host Michel Martin and other moms about new mothers living with grandparents. Listen to the entire episode of NPR’s Tell Me […]

Children need to ‘unplug’

CHILDREN grow up carrying devices in their pockets with the ability to access all the amassed knowledge of humanity, for good or ill. The digital age presents both unlimited possibility and frightening threats for children, families and schools around the world. Ever-evolving technology has added a new layer of complexity to an unprecedented array of […]

In Memoriam

A CLYDE HERTZMAN LEGACY FUND has been established to continue Dr. Hertzman’s vision of thriving children and families. The Fund will support community initiatives and research that strengthen children’s social and emotional development. Clyde was an incredible scientist and unwaivering advocate for social justice and for young people. As a mentor, friend and colleague, we […]

The ADHD Rollercoaster

EVER SINCE the second day her son went to kindergarten, Penny Williams has worried about him. That’s the day Williams, a real estate broker in Asheville, N.C., got her first call from her child’s teacher. Luke wasn’t ready for school, the teacher told Williams. He couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to participate. The insinuation, […]

Rural areas suffer high rates of food insecurity

Food insecurity is not only an urban problem, Joy Piontak and Michael Schulman write in a new article in the journal Contexts. Hunger plagues rural America, too, and food deserts are sprinkled across that landscape.  Read the full article here: Rural Food Insecurity

For Many New Moms, Grandma Is No Cure For The Baby Blues

DOES living with grandparents ease or worsen a mothers’ baby blues? The answer may depend on the mother’s marital status, a new study from Duke University suggests. Married and single mothers suffer higher rates of depression when they live in multi-generational households in their baby’s first year of life, the study found. But for moms who […]

Google Street View used to map neighborhoods

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN USING GOOGLE STREET VIEW to assess neighborhoods in your study? Many people have asked how the SSO i-Tour and Google Street View can be used to gather information on their study participants, clients and potential customers. In response, we have created an introductory video for those interested in replicating our methods: […]

Remote residential research

WHERE CHILDREN LIVE could determine their weight, chances of becoming crime victims and even lifespan, according to recent findings in the emerging field of “neighborhood effects.” Researchers are trying to understand how community factors influence health and behavior. For example, people who grow up in neighborhoods without a safe place to play are more likely […]

Good neighbors reduce kids’ antisocial behavior

REVALUING THE GOOD NEIGHBOR New findings from the British Environmental Risk Study suggest that how well people in a neighborhood know each other and how willing they are to support each other may affect the developing behavior of infant children, especially in poorer areas. Advances in ecometrics – the appraisal of social environments – are […]